Greetings From Our New Website


Hello fellow MULS members!

Here are some features we’ve introduced for you.

You can now add upcoming MULS initiatives and events to your calendar. Simply go to our home page and click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom right hand corner of the Google calendar.

New look for Competitions
With a simpler design, all competitions are now organised by category. For transparency, we’ve included blurbs to explain each initiative, the closing date and time for registrations, and registrations forms where applicable. 

Cohort groups
We realise that Facebook changes its algorithms from time to time, leading to links on our Cohort page being inaccessible. We’ve duplicated these here to further foster our student community.

The Brief
For those unfamiliar, The Brief is our student-run publication which covers topical content in areas such as legal and business affairs. As well as providing the most recent print and online editions, we’ve created an archive of past students’ work.

Lastly, where you are currently reading this article is our News section. We’ll be posting here to summarise our upcoming initiatives and to provide you with updates about MULS in general.

We encourage you to further explore our website to see how you can get involved.

Appropriate and relevant feedback can be emailed to Sarah at

MULS Macquarie