Witness Examination


Witness Examination

The Witness Examination Competition challenges your wit and style as Sydney's leading barristers! Stimulating a criminal or civil trial, this competition requires students to prepare and present an opening statement, examination-in-chief, cross-examination and a closing statement. Best of all, students in any year may compete.

Students are provided with witness statements and the relevant law for their trials 90 minutes prior to the competition round. Competitors are then required to construct their case and brief their witnesses as to what they should expect.

Registrations have now closed.

A Skills Workshop will run in Week 1 (a mandatory event). There will be two Preliminary Rounds (Weeks 3 and 5), followed by three standard Final Rounds (Weeks 9, 10 and 12). Further information will be provided soon.

Please email Joanna at compsadvocacy@muls.org if you have any queries.